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What our customers say about us

We've found that when trying to make prospective customers aware of the benefit our products will bring them, and the exceptional service we will give them, it's often best to let others do the talking.

The following are actual comments received from persons who have one or more of our CAPS® systems.

"The power of a tool is proportionate to the knowledge underlying its use." In the world of balance and postural control there are many options to choose from for both equipment and training....and then there's CAPS® from Vestibular Technologies. How do I know? I know because I've been researching and sampling balance equipment and technology for the last 3 years. My quest is over. You can choose to be a soldier in the war against disorders of balance and posture or you can choose to be a member of an elite special forces unit. And if you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. Elena and Guido are the Navy Seals of the balance world and their creation, CAPS®, is the ultimate weapon. It is the gold standard. Period. End of discussion" - J.W.

"One way or another I need a CAPS® system to do my work in the best possible way."

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful and satisfied I am with my decision (to buy a CAPS®). The sales and service/support have gone well beyond that of any other company I have ever done business with. Further, as my practice is predominantly that of a balance disorder clinic, most patients present with a spouse, friend, family member or driver for their initial visit. I have been converting most of these individuals into patients by simply testing them while they are at my office. Once they realize they, too, have a problem, they are very attentive to what I have to say, as they choose not to let it ripen into what their friend is seeing me for. I could not have done this without your (CAPS®) unit."

"I find the unit (CAPS®) particularly helpful in letting me know from treatment one if I am doing something therapeutically beneficial, vs. iatrogenically harmful. This alone is invaluable."

"We are all pleased with the CAPS® system because of the ease of use, portability of the equipment and technical support from VT."

"ScreenTRAK™ is the technological component we've been missing. It is easy to implement. Patients appreciate it. The reports document it. Thanks."

"I was surprised to see that well over 50% of my patients fail the balance screening with a score of moderately, severely or profoundly impaired balance."

"A wonderful, easy & fast way to improve on my diagnostic & therapeutic skills."

"Patient compliance with my exercise recommendations has improved dramatically."

"Thus far, we have seen no false positives with the CAPS®. Also, the results of the great majority of patients who are referred for therapy show significant improvement, as validated by subsequent CAPS® testing."

"The CAPS® screening tool is reliable and provides an objective methodology for balance screening."

"I ordered the CAPS®. Two weeks ago it arrived. It has been exceeding my wildest expectations."

"CAPS® has been a valuable addition, primarily by eliminating the subjective manner in which assessments were conducted prior to acquiring the CAPS®."

"We have also been using the CAPS® at senior and health fairs where we have found a high level of interest by attendees in having a screening performed, and we have generated many leads for outpatient services."

"It has certainly created excitement in the office."

"Patients can relate to the fact that their balance is impaired, especially when they are unable to complete the test."

"We have found the system to be easy to transport, set-up and use. With this flexibility, the CAPS® system can be used in public settings to increase its visibility and identify potential patients and their physicians. By contacting the physicians and showing them their patient's test results, we expect to recruit several physicians to work with us to test all their patients. This is a win-win situation for patients, physicians and us."

"We are very impressed and thankful for your support, guidance and accessibility to meet our needs, especially during our startup phase."

"We quickly recognized the system's capacity for objectively recording pre- and post- procedure assessment vital to our abilities."

"The CAPS® system, BalanceTRAK® and Vestibular Technologies in general are certainly components in our vision of the practice future."